A skyrmion-based spin-torque nano-oscillator

Reference: F. Garcia-Sanchez et al., New J. Phys. 18, 075011 (2016). We show how inhomogeneous spin polarizers in the form of vortices can result in self-sustained gyration of skyrmions in magnetic nanopillars. We suggest that such dynamics could be useful for skyrmion-based spin-torque nano-oscillators. This work has just appeared in the New Journal of Physics. […]

Vortices on the move

Reference: M. Manfrini et al., “Propagation of magnetic vortices using nanocontacts as tunable attractors”, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 121-125 (2014). Our paper on moving vortices around using multiple nanocontacts has appeared in Nature Nanotechnology! There is an accompanying News & Views piece by Prof. Teruo Ono of Kyoto University. Last modified 19/06/14