MAGicSky kicks off

Our European project MAGicSKy on magnetic skyrmions is well underway with project leaders and participants from the consortium gathering in Massy this week for the inaugural project meeting. This FET-Open project is funded by the Horizon2020 Framework Programme of the European Union and will run through to September 2018. Last modified 30/10/15

Role of nonlinear anisotropic damping in the magnetization dynamics of topological solitons

Reference: J.-V. Kim, Phys. Rev. B 92, 014418 (2015). By including the Rashba interaction into a model for nonlinear feedback damping, I studied how the dynamics of magnetic solitons, such as domain walls, vortices, and skyrmions, might be affected by additional torques resulting from this damping. This work has just appeared in Physical Review B. […]

Skyrmion breathing modes

Reference: J.-V. Kim et al., “Breathing modes of confined skyrmions in ultrathin magnetic dots”, Physical Review B 90, 064410 (2014). Our recent study on the breathing modes of magnetic skyrmions in confined dots has just been published in Physical Review B. Last modified 15/08/14

Skyrmions in Paris

The SKYMAG2014 workshop is on! The meeting will bring together over a hundred leading researchers on the topic of magnetic skyrmions. Last modified 19/06/14