Skyrmions in Paris

The SKYMAG2014 workshop is on! The meeting will bring together over a hundred leading researchers on the topic of magnetic skyrmions. Last modified 19/06/14

Vortices on the move

Reference: M. Manfrini et al., “Propagation of magnetic vortices using nanocontacts as tunable attractors”, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 121-125 (2014). Our paper on moving vortices around using multiple nanocontacts has appeared in Nature Nanotechnology! There is an accompanying News & Views piece by Prof. Teruo Ono of Kyoto University. Last modified 19/06/14

Chaotic core reversal

Reference: S. Petit-Watelot et al., “Commensurability and chaos in magnetic vortex oscillations”, Nature Physics 8, 682 (2012). We made the cover of the September 2012 issue of Nature Physics with our latest paper on current-driven vortex dynamics in magnetic nanocontacts. Last modified 19/06/14